Issue 4 – June 2011

Shady NewZ – Issue 4 – Jun 2011 – ShadeFX is WA’s leading commercial shade company as seen here at Brockman House child care centre in Beechboro. As existing shade structures remain on site, Brockman house is a great example to see the difference between the national shade quality of ShadeFX compared to the existing shade.

Issue 3 – Mar 2011

Shady NewZ – Issue 3 – Mar 2011 – ShadeFX is a small boutique shade company known for having Western Australia’s ‘greatest’ shade range. When it comes to shade, ShadeFX recognises that size does not always matter. As seen in the photo’s below for Recall information management pty ltd at their Welshpool and Balcatta branches.

Issue 2 – Feb 2011

Shady NewZ – Issue 2 – Feb 2011 – City of Cockburn recently installed WA’s largest single shade sail design over a SUCCESS playground. ShadeFX designed and created this MASSIVE shade sail and the end result is simply stunning. To put the ShadeFX size into perspective, the play equipment is 2.5m high, that’s right, MASSIVE.

Issue 1 – Feb 2011

Shady NewZ – Issue 1 – Feb 2011 – Shire of Boddington getZ ShadeFX. ShadeFX goes to RURAL WA setting WA’s greatest shade standard. Council comments: “…it is great to see a NATIONAL quality product in RURAL WA”. Brodie really embraced the rural project, especially after hours in the Boddington saloons…

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas for 2010, check out the Christmas E-Card from all of us at ShadeFX